Grenada Red Cross Society takes disaster management to new heights

Grenada Red Cross Society takes disaster management to new heights

To ensure Grenada is better prepared to handle all types of disasters, the Grenada Red Cross Society (GRCS) continues to support the Government of Grenada to expand the island’s disaster management capacity.

With funding from the Federal Republic of Germany through the International Federation of Red Cross, the GRCS is retrofitting an emergency operation centre (EOC) at its headquarters on Upper Lucas Street, St George’s. The EOC, which will cost approximately US$35,000 will be fully equipped with the latest communication technology, which is crucial for the timely exchange of information between officials during a disaster. The upgraded EOC will allow the Grenada Red Cross Society to undertake more responsibilities in the event of an emergency.

This upgrade is particularly important for the GRCS, as the society remains an integral part of the island’s National Disaster Management Plan. The Grenada Red Cross Society is responsible for designing, updating, testing and evaluating operations and emergency management plans and procedures on a national level. During an emergency, the society is also responsible for the delivery of first aid services, providing relief supplies, assisting with emergency shelters, assisting with search and rescue among other important responsibilities.

The GRCS is also actively involved in other facets of disaster management. The society often provides first aid training and psychosocial support services. The society has also played an active role assisting with health emergencies such as its Zika response and recovery work, and its ongoing efforts with the Covid-19 operations.

Grenada Red Cross Society supporting the Charles Memorial Home in St Mark

Internationally, the International Federation of Red Cross works with national societies and their national authorities to strengthen disaster risk governance. Red Cross societies around the world work with authorities to develop and implement climate, disaster and emergency related legislation, policies and procedures. This defines the unique relationship between the GRCS and the Government of Grenada.

Once Grenada continues to have effective disaster laws and well-functioning disaster risk management systems, disaster officials will be able to respond to a multitude of hazards, reduce risk, help communities prepare for disasters, and enable responses that quickly reach those most in need. The Grenada Red Cross pledges to continue its disaster governance, working along with the Government of Grenada, NaDMA and other agencies, to ensure the island is safe.



Photo captions:

Photo 1: GRCS hosts first aid training with Covid-19 protocols

Photo 2: Red Cross volunteers in PPEs ready to provide services

Photo 3: Red Cross supporting the Charles Memorial Home in St Mark

Photo 4: Photo 4 Red Cross Working with the RGPF to Establish handwashing Station